You’ll Always Find Fun And Adventure Every Time You’re Here At Swamp Golf

Listen to the winds…you may hear the voice of Captain Greybeard. Telling you to sift the sands of the secret treasure spot. You just may be lucky enough to fill your pockets with gold! No matter what riches you find, you’ll always find fun and adventure every time you’re here at Swamp Golf.

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The Legend Of Swamp Golf

Hundreds of years ago pirate ships sailed low in the water, heavy with gold coins stowed safely in their hulls. As the key west winds filled their sails, they searched for safe places to come ashore, guided by their captains.

One of the most famous and feared was Captain Graybeard.

Legend has it that Captain Graybeard knew of a secret place – a swamp so far inland that nobody would think to search there for his buried gold! Old pirate maps & storytellers say that secret place is right here – at SWAMP GOLF! For years people have searched this swamp for the buried treasure. Indians fought off gators only to leave empty-handed! Outlaws who left their empty whisky barrel or abandoned their car stuck in the swamp all left empty handed.


You bring the cake and the kids, we do the rest! Our Birthday Party Packages offer several levels of fun. From the most popular Academy Award, to the $99 Birthday Blitz, we have something for every age and budget!

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