Fast And Tasty Family
Fare At Skate Station

After a few hours of rolling the Skate Station Funworks rink, climbing, jumping and playing, kids can really work up an appetite…

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What’s on Menu

That’s why you’ll find a selection of fast and tasty family fare at Wally’s Café!

Fresh, baked-to-order pizza (cheese and pepperoni) by the slice or whole pie!

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Chicken Nuggets & Cheese Sticks

French Fries

Hand-Dipped Ice Cream

Frozen Slushees

Nachos and Cheese


Snacks such as Popcorn, Popcicles, and Cotton Candy

Soft Drinks and even Coffee (for the Grown Ups)


You bring the cake and the kids, we do the rest! Our Birthday Party Packages offer several levels of fun. From the most popular Academy Award, to the $99 Birthday Blitz, we have something for every age and budget!

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