Skate Station Funworks
Is a Great Place To Have
Parties Of All Kinds!

As a partner with your community’s schools, Funworks offers a variety of programs that support your needs. These programs can help boost your fund raising activities and incentive programs within your school. The following is a list of programs in which you may participate in as well as a brief description of each.

We will be glad to talk with you and implement any of the programs in which you may be interested. Each program can be customized for your exact needs. The Funworks team looks forward to working with you to make your event the most fun and profitable it can be!

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Fundraisers at Skate Station Funworks are a great way to promote school unity while encouraging students to get involved in physical fitness. Fundraisers can be created to meet any need you may have.

They are a great way to raise funds for a cause, from your PTA, Safety Patrols, Student Organizations, or any other organization you may be part of. There is a standard admission fee for these events or you can pick your own over and above to help raise more money and benefits for your group.



TEACHERS! Did you know that roller skating is full of science, technology, engineering, and mathematical elements?

At Fuworks, we provide a fieldtrip for students to get them excited about learning and to have a good time! Consider that skating burns up to 400 calories an hour and you have a fieldtrip everyone will enjoy and remember!



We have incentive passes directed to students’ good behavior and reading habits. Funworks can supply all of your teachers, administration, and faculty with order forms requesting these passes. This is an easy reward for faculty to use with their students.

Read And Roll

An award to help encourage students reading habits. You can use it for your library programs, reading labs, or in the class room. Every time a students improves their reading skills or reads a book the student receives a free skating pass to Funworks in the form of a book mark.

I Got Caught

This pass is presented to students when they are caught doing a good deed for others or a good job in an education field. The I Got Caught pass is also great as a reward for Citizen Of The Month.

Standardized Tests

Funworks understands that standardized tests are very important to schools. We have started a program called Testing Relax Pass. We would like to offer all schools a pass that they can give to students as a reward for studying and taking the test. Funworks is also a great place to hold a reward party when students complete standardized tests. Skate Station Funworks is always looking to help your school benefit from our services. Education is important to all involved: students, parents, faculty, and the community. Skate Station is not only Your Family Fun Center, but also Your Educational Center.