Come Have A Rollin’ Good Time!

TEACHERS! Did you know that roller skating is full of science, technology, engineering, and mathematical elements? At Fuworks, we provide a fieldtrip for students to get them excited about learning and to have a good time!

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Check out a couple of
ways that roller skating
is interlinked with S.T.E.M.:

Roller skating meets science.

Did you know that between the wheel and axle of your roller skate is a tiny device called a bearing? This bearing fights friction! Friction occurs when two objects resist each other which force the objects to slow down. With this bearing, friction is almost non-existent. This helps you go fast!

Roller skating meets technology.

Can you imagine roller skating with wooden wheels? If you lived a century ago, you would have! Thankfully, roller skates evolved into much faster, better equipment so we can enjoy them even more. Wooden wheels were replaced with durable, colorful plastic.

Roller skating meets engineering.

Most people don’t know that behind every element of the skate, an engineer played a huge role. Mechanical engineers designed and tested the skate for safety and accuracy. Material engineers discovered the material used in the skate to provide a comfortable ride. Civil engineers designed ramps for you to safely enjoy skating!

Roller skating meets math.

Every time you skate, you are putting math in action! When you begin skating, you are actually proving Newton’s first law of motion. Your roller skate wheels will not move unless an outside force moves them. Additionally, the wheels won’t stop moving until an outside force makes them stop. This concept translated into a math equation is weight = mass x gravity.

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