Book 7 events through the year and get 100% proceeds on the 7th!

Fund Raisers at Skate Station Funworks are a great way to promote school unity while encouraging students to get involved in physical fitness. Fund Raisers can be created to meet any need you may have. They are a great way to raise funds for a cause, from your PTA, Safety Patrols, Student Organizations, or any other organization you may be part of. There is a standard admission fee for these events or you can pick your own over and above to help raise more money and benefits for your group.

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What we do for you:


We supply you with flyers for all of your students to inform parents and students about their upcoming school fundraiser. Each flyer will include the date and time of your fundraising party. All themes that we will be doing during your fundraiser will also be listed on the flyer to excite your students about their fundraising party.

Wally Gator

Funworks signature character is always at your disposal. Funworks along with area schools have found that having Wally Gator on school grounds the day of your skating party can help increase attendance at your fundraiser.


As a partner with your school we are able to provide banners which announce your school fundraiser. This banner has standard information that can be used each month to promote your upcoming fundraiser. Just hang the banner at your parent pick up area to inform parents of your fundraiser that week.

Theme Parties

We offer themes or activities with each fund aising party per month. We have celebration activities to fit a theme for each month. If there is an event that you would like to have put on the flyer instead, please let us know and we will be happy to make the changes.

What you can do:

Morning Announcements

Announcing your upcoming fund raiser on your morning information is a great way to let your students know about the fun they can have at their upcoming school fundraiser.

Phone Home

One way to help promote your fund raiser is to utilize the school’s phone home system. Along with the flyers we provide to be sent home with students you school can put announcements on the phone home system so that parents know about your fund raising party.


Another way to increase you fund raising numbers is to announce your upcoming fund raiser on your school website. Many schools have websites with calendars of happening events for the students and faculty. Listing your future fund raiser can help reach parents who may not have received the flyers.


Make sure to pass out the flyers that we provide you. This is a perfect way to connect with your students and parents to let them know about the upcoming fund raisers.

Marquee Board

Place your fund raiser information on your outside sign for parents to see.

Parties are available

Monday & Tuesday | Anytime

Any time

Wednesday & Thursday





5:30- 7:30pm

School and Church Fundraising Information

You have the choice of how much money you want to roll out of the rink. Private Parties are a great option that allow you to “raise the bar” without sacrificing the fun. You receive the rebate from every full price paid admission that is with your group. Food and other options are available to add onto your package.

Reserve our entire facility for your exclusive private party!

2 Hours of Fun! (Longer with special management arrangements) includes the following:

  • Unlimited Roller Skating and Regular Skate Rental
  • One Slice of Pizza or One Hot Dog
  • 4 Game Tokens per person
  • Disc Jockey and appropriate music for your group
  • Hostess/Host to serve your party
  • All Paper Products (Plates, Cups, etc.)Ice Cream Cup

Parties are available

Monday & Tuesday

Before 5pm


Before 2pm



Friday & Saturday



Before 12 Noon

Additional Information

Note: Summer Hours will alter private party session times, see manager for details or contact us online.

Minimum: 30 people at $450.00. Each person over 30 is $11.50 per person. Private Parties require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Sign Up Now! OR Call and we will arrange a special price for your group that will allow you to reach your fundraising goals and boost attendance!