Roller Skating


Roll the rink on the largest wood floor roller skating rink in North Florida! Roller skating is America’s fastest growing indoor sport and there’s are great reasons why. It’s fun! It’s safe for the whole family! it’s great exercise! It’s there regardless of the weather outside! There’s always a great time rolling the rink at Skate Station Funworks; no matter if you’re using our modern, well-maintained skates or you have your own! You’ll always find cool comfortable fun, the hottest music and a friendly and well trained staff every time you visit Skate Station Funworks.


Roller skating is a safe healthy sport when safe skating guidelines are followed. One of the most important things to remember is to always skate safely both inside Skate Station Funworks and outside of the skating center. Be aware of other skaters and objects that may be in your path.

When skating outside, always wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Safety gear is optional when skating inside a rink because risk of injury is reduced due in part to the fact that Skate Station Funworks keeps it’s floors smooth and well-maintained and because safety rules are enforced by our staff and observed by the skaters.

The Skate Station Funworks Skate Pro Shop has everything you need to skate safely!


If you need help learning to skate, ask your parents to check out our skating classes every Saturday morning.